Leadership – 3 traps to avoid

Leadership – 3 traps to avoid

There is an old saying: “It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there”

Organisations on the top, breath a sigh of relief once they get there, and while the most enduring and successful carry on innovating and training and retraining their top leader, some fall into the comfort trap and their top leaders follow suite.

If you find yourself in a very comfortable position of leadership, here are 5 traps to avoid:

Ignoring a problem that may be in the distant horizon.

Unless you are inside something, you may never know how fast momentum builds. Current or closer issues take priority and leaders are often in a different stages of a multitude of issues that need more immediate attention. An excellent leader dives in a unpacks the problem in the distant horizon how- getting to it early dismantles the momentum.

The domino effect

Employees have a bottomless and hyper focused attention span for observing leaders. They quickly pick up complacency, loss of focus or perhaps a little less edge than before. These behaviours and attitudes are  consciously and sometimes subconsciously adopted, causing a ripple effect in the team. This common leadership trap results in a matching performance. Employees take this as permission to withdraw themselves.

Not developing your team

TRUE OR FALSE:  You are responsible for developing your team and the content of your beautiful mind is more than enough to equip your team with what they need to be great. FALSE

No matter how good a leader you are, you need to identify the development needs of your team and use external resources as well as internal resources to achieve your team developmental goals

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