Teamwork – Surprising new insights

Teamwork – Surprising new insights

In 2006 Researchers Robert Huckman and Gary Pisano from Harvard Business School conducted research at more than 43 hospitals to measure the success rate of more than 200 cardiac surgeons. At first they confirmed, as expected, that surgeons who were older and more experienced had a higher success rate – but surprisingly, only at hospitals where they did most of their surgeries. When these surgeons performed outside their usual hospitals, success rates fell dramatically.

“This study suggests that working within a bonded team of colleagues helps develop interactive routines that harness the unique talents of each team member.” Positive Psychology

The authors concluded that elite performance is not as portable as previously thought and is more a function of the “familiarity that a surgeon develops with the assets of a given organization”—a nice way of saying that their stars only shine with the support of their colleagues (Huckman & Pisano, 2006).

This research sheds new light on the importance of creating strong teams within organisations. A team can only be as strong as it endures Longer lasting teams, nourished with the right leadership and strengthened with individuals who understand the importance of their roles within a team are more likely to endure.

However, in most organisations, team members operate of fear based motivation. With increasingly more confining organisational protocol, competitive job markets and poor leadership, staff are often watching their backs and are quick to jump ship when the opportunity arises.

The Mental Detox workshop will help team members shed some new light on teamwork.

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