Are you suffering from URBs? Unaware Racial Bias

Are you suffering from URBs? Unaware Racial Bias

Residing deep in the subconscious mind, racial bias unintentionally exists in most people. Passed down from one generation to the next, racial bias refers to the stereotypes that effect a persons decision making, understanding and actions in an unconscious manner. Even the most good natured liberals can be unknowingly affected by racial bias.

Unlike those who are aware that they are racist and choose to conceal it for political and social correctness, Unaware Racial Bias (URBs) is not detectable or obvious to a person who posses them.

As organisations push to improve employment equity and be more inclusive of a range of cultures, good intentions can be unwittingly thwarted by this corporate undetected corporate demon.

Ask most people of colour if racism exists in their workplace and most answer yes. On the flip side ask any caucasian person if they believe they are racist and they will say no.

URBs form a barrier to opportunity, and prevent true transformation. The recipients of racial bias feel discriminated against and the deliverers of racial bias feel unfairly accused.

The solution

The Mental Detox organisation has formed a insightful workshop designed for workplaces that help people recognise eliminate their own racial bias. The workshop also fun, insightful and a well needed eye opener for most organisations.

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